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Tip Your Team

Tip your team now and receive 2 hours of house cleaning at 50% off later!


We made the decision to suspend house cleaning services in March for the health and wellness of our clients and staff. It is important to us that we help reduce the number of people coming and going from clients’ homes and we keep our staff safe at home.

The biggest concerns we have are the current financial stability of our staff and making sure we have enough clients so that they will have full-time employment when it is safe to return to work.


Here’s where you can help…

We are offering new clients two hours of house cleaning services (when it is safe to resume services) at 50% of the original value* in exchange for tipping your teammates now. Any tips collected will be pooled on a weekly basis and divided evenly among our staff until we can resume services.


*The hourly rate is $70/hr for a crew of two cleaners. Two hours of service at the original value is $140. 

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