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What to Expect from a House Cleaning Service

Some people have always had house cleaning services, some are new to the experience altogether. Here are a few hints and tips to get prepared for your initial clean and regular services.

It's relatively expensive.

The cost of cleaning is directly proportional to the cost of cleaning products, wage for workers, overall quality of services, and the size and condition of your house.

Rates will vary greatly from "mom and pop" businesses to large national franchises. Smaller companies may be able to provide lower rates, but may not provide cleaning supplies or insurance coverage in case of accidents. Larger companies may have higher rates, but will likely be able to cover accidents and work-related injuries through insurance and worker's compensation programs.

Less is less.

Smaller houses and less clutter will cost less to clean. It takes a lot of time to handle, clean, and replace personal items neatly. Pick up your personal belongings before we arrive so we can focus on cleaning tasks.

We are going to touch your stuff.

In order to properly cleaning, personal items need to be moved, cleaned, and replaced. Do let your cleaners know if there is anything that you do not want them to move and/or clean. Put away any sensitive or personal items that you rather we not handle.

We won't be opening closed doors.

If you would like a pantry or laundry room cleaned, but you always keep the door closed chances are we will never step foot in the space. Please let us know if there are specific areas you would like us to clean. We tend to respect privacy and do not go around opening your doors, drawers, or cabinets.

Some things will never come clean.

Cleaning companies provide general services that do not include magic performances. We'll scrub your bathroom shower, but you might need a steam cleaning company to get set-in mold out or silicone seals may need to be removed and re-caulked. Always have your grout lines resealed too this will extend the life of your shower surround in general.

Some things cleaners will never be able to clean properly.

There may be a need for specialized services for annual household maintenance that go above and beyond what a general cleaning company is capable of cleaning at a reasonable rate. Some companies offer multiple services and will provide discounts for current customers. We recommend steam cleaning and resealing grout annually for bathrooms that are heavily used, and using a specialized window cleaning service annually to clean the outside and inside of your windows. Power washing decks and patios may also be necessary in humid climates.

Employee turn-over is high.

It is so much easier for everyone if you have the same cleaner each visit. However, this is a high-turn over type of business. While we do pay more and have higher expectations compared to our competition, some people just don't make the cut. Don't be surprised if you see new faces.

Your cleaning will never be perfect.

We are humans and capable of missing something. Even something so obvious. It's not the end of the world. We will happily come back and clean or reclean anything that are are not satisfied with.

Communication is crucial.

Cleaners are not mind readers and customers have a broad range of expectations as to what should and should not be cleaned and how to effectively clean something. Please let us know because we want to make sure everything on your priority list is completed each visit and you are a satisfied customer.

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