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DIY Summer Whiskey Cocktails

Beat the Summer heat with a fruit puree cocktail! You don't need to be a Mixologist to make these tasty cocktails - just keep it simple. This recipe uses whiskey and peaches, but rum or vodka also pair well with pineapple or strawberries respectively.

Here's what you'll need:

2-4 shots of Whiskey

~2 cups Frozen peaches

6-8 Fresh basil leaves

1 can Ginger ale

Blend the peaches and a few basil leaves while slowly adding the ginger ale.

The mix should be a slushy-slurry mix. You may not need to use all the ginger ale, but it will add sweetness and help to blend the frozen fruit. You can also use honey to add sweetness if needed.

Add your favorite whiskey.

There are many types of whiskeys and the distillation process will add flavor and color. I found this article helpful to understanding the nuances that separate whiskies into bourbons and scotches. We chose Rua Whiskey from Great Wagon Road Distilling Company, but other local favorites include Defiant, Doc Porter's, and Muddy River. For a light drink, add 2 shots of whiskey and pulse to mix. Add 4 shots if you had a bad day.

Garnish with basil and enjoy!

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