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Mid-Century Style DIY Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated dog bowls are a great way to help your dog digest his or her food better and reduce strain on joints and neck. I searched in stores and online for a simple elevated stand for my dog's bowls that was also stylish and blended with my home decor. I came up empty handed so I came up with my own solution that was very easy and required very little skill or tools.

First, measure how tall your bowls should be off the ground to suit your dog's height.

Here's a guide I found helpful. Keep in consideration the thickness of the materials you intend to use for the top, length of legs, and depth of the bowls if you want to get fancy and fit them flush with the top (requires a jigsaw).

What you will need:

-Clean working area

-1 Wood board to fit your dog's bowls

-2 Dog bowls

-4 Legs

-4 Mount Surface Plates

-Sandpaper, painter's tape, brushes

-Paint or Stain

-Polyurethane Sealer


-Ruler, pencil

Order legs and mounting hardware.

I found these stylish tapered legs with quick mount hardware. I ordered two sizes and returned the set that was too tall. Reminder: keep inconsideration the length of legs, thickness of the top, and depth of bowls when determining the proper height for your dog. I sanded the legs a little then taped off the metal feet before staining them. Follow the instructions of the stain or paint that you select. I applied a couple coats to achieve a warm walnut color.

Determine how large of a top you need using your dog bowls.

Measure at least 2 inches around the bowl to provide a sturdy surface for the bowl to sit safely on top. I picked up a 10x1 piece of wood from my hardware store. The store even cut pieces to the length I needed for free. I ended up with three pieces of 16x10x1 (I have two dogs and cut an extra piece in case I screwed up). I opted for a cheap oak board because I planned on painting the top. You can spring for a nicer piece of wood and stain it instead. Sand the edges and surfaces that will be painted or stained. I applied a few coats of white paint to make sure is was evenly coated and sanded in between to smooth brush strokes.

Mount the hardware to the bottom side of the top board.

I opted for angled mounting plates so the legs would angle outward as oppose to fitting straight down to the floor. I wanted the look of angled legs from all sides so I also mounted the hardware on angle. This took a little more thought and careful measuring, but was worth it to achieve the Mid-Century style I was after.

Now you are ready to seal the paint or stain.

After you have achieved your desired paint or stain color, tape off the mounting hardware and screw the legs in. If you are painting or staining the whole stand one color, you can put it all together then proceed. I didn't want to glob paint all over my nicely stained legs...Sealing your work is critical since there will be a lot of water and potential for bacterial growth. Follow the instructions and apply a few coats of sealant. I used a polyurethane sealer and sanded here or there in between coats to achieve a smooth finish. Let everything dry overnight before removing the tape, then Voila! You have your own stylish elevated dog bowls! I picked up these silicone pot holders to keep the bowls from sliding around.

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