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Why should I clean my carpeting using the HOST method?

Our carpets & area rugs trap & filter dust & allergens that enter our indoor environments. Cleaning carpets twice per year can help reduce dust mites, allergens, pet allergens, & mold spores by over 75%!


The HOST method was developed in the 1970s to absorb & lift away dust, soil, & allergens without the use of water. Dry-extraction carpet cleaning is safe for all types of carpet textures & fibers, & it is safe on specialty rugs such as wool. The HOST method has also been endorsed by Martha Stewart & featured in Consumer Magazine.

Safe on Carpet...

Steam cleaning & shampoo methods can leave excessive water in carpet & the underlying carpet padding that can lead to bacteria & mold growth. The HOST method is considered “dry-extraction” carpet cleaning; the HOST product is applied to carpet without the use of water. No water means there is no chance of carpet dyes bleeding, & it is safe on natural fibers like wool! Carpets are also safe to walk on & replace furniture immediately.


Safe for Our Family...

Other methods use cleansing agents with solvents or other chemical ingredients that can irritate skin, eyes, & respiratory systems. The HOST method is non-toxic, does not contain dyes or heavy metals, & it is not airborne.


Safe on Mother Nature...

The HOST method conserves water, does not contain dyes or heavy metals, & it is low in VOCs. The HOST product is also the only method currently on the market that is Green Seal Certified.


HOST Green Summary Brochure...

"This summary of independent research & certifications shows that HOST is environmentally preferred & the best choice for green, clean & dry carpet that looks its best every day." 


Click to view the Green Cleaning Brochure by HOST

Carpet Cleaning Services

Naturally Clean offers carpet & rug cleaning services using a dry-extraction method by HOST. Sponge material is spread across carpeting, worked into fibers, then extracted out without using water! 

This method is the only carpet cleaning process that is Green Seal certified environmentally safe, & recommended by Martha Stewart & Consumer Magazine.

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Carpet Cleaning Rates

Carpet cleaning rates are based on how many rooms will require cleaning. A room is defined as an area 300sf or less (roughly 17x17'). The first room or rug is $60 that includes the "trip charge". Additional rooms including hallways & stairs, are $35 each. Additional rugs are priced by size. There are no hidden fees.


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